François Sauvageau founded CTL Law in 2009 in the belief that creditors needed a new approach to debt and claims recovery.

CTL Law is a unique law practice that combines extensive legal knowledge with state-of-the-art technology innovation to process claims more efficiently and effectively than more conventional debt recovery practices. We achieve this by leveraging the latest software and automated processes for debt collection and research, so we can focus our extensive legal expertise on the all-important litigation management process.

This hybrid has created an entirely new approach that brings a new level of professionalism and ethical standards to debt collections law in Canada. Through our unique combination of technology and legal experience, CTL LAW has established a proven approach that speeds collections with more consistent results for our clients.

As a fully-functioning collections and debt recovery agency, our lawyers are experts in litigation, negotiation, mediation and accounts receivable. Collectively they bring three decades of legal system experience with a strong track record in achieving successful outcomes in terms of collections and court proceedings.

CTL Law is committed to working in partnership with our clients as we support them throughout the entire process of debt recovery. This hands-on approach is backed by an unwavering commitment to integrity and putting our clients’ needs first.

As a cross-national firm, CTL Law has a diverse understanding of provincial law throughout the country. Today we employ over 45 full-time employees in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.

François Sauvageau is a results-oriented lawyerwho began with a vision to change the landscape of debt collections. François created CTL Law based on the belief – and knowledge – that debt recovery clients need a trusted advisor and partner.

Under Francois’ direction, CTL Law has grown to become a leading collections law practice that combines solid legal expertise with technology innovation to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of claims and collections processing.

Thisunique hybrid approach has essentially transformed the approach to debt collections law in Canada; and has been instrumental in bringing the highest levels of professionalism ethical standards to the industry.

A truly cross-national brand, CTL Law employs over 45 full-time employees through four regional offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.


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