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François Sauvageau is a top-flight bilingual lawyer (French and English) who does not fit the stereotype. A licensed airplane pilot, an academic thinker, and a successful businessman, François attacks everything he does with passion—including the law.

François possesses three (3) law degrees, including a Master degree in International Law, which he obtained in only ten (10) months as part of a two (2) year program. François is also one of the rare Canadian legal practitioners to be licensed and to operate simultaneously in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Québec (civil law). Having cut his teeth in the profession writing memos and draft judgments for the judges of Federal Court of Appeal, several articles and presentations as well as a thesis comparing the responsibilities of manufacturers internationally and nationally, François has a clear and distinct intellectual bent and a passion for education, research and the advancement of the law in general. Yet he also has a strong practical side which he uses every day while overseeing the rapid deployment of his two (2) law firms, one being a general litigation practice (Sauvageau & Associates) and the other a collection and recovery practice (CTL Law) which now employs over forty-five (45) full time employees across its four (4) regional offices located in Montréal (Québec), Richmond Hill (Ontario), Calgary, (Alberta) and Vancouver (British Columbia). As a litigator and counsel, François commands over eleven (11) years of broad experience in representing clients in a remarkably wide range of areas: debt recovery and assets repossession, defamation, personal injury, intellectual property, employment, commercial and occasionally, criminal law.

François’ chief area of focus today is debt recovery and assets repossession. He believes fervently that creditors deserve professionalism and sound advice when seeking to recover what they are owed—and that debtors deserve honesty and respect when they are asked to remit what they owe. In other words, he believes in fairness.

François modestly styles himself a visionary. He has a truly different vision of how law can and should operate in the field of debt recovery and assets repossession and he is working hard to implement it. That is why, in addition to his general law practice, he also created CTL Law — a new kind of law firm that is changing the face of recovery in Canada. By deploying cutting-edge technology with a proactive legal strategy, CTL Law is bringing radical new efficiencies to the field of debt collection.

François is currently writing a book on Debt Recovery in Canada as well as a White Paper addressing the key issues created by the increasing demand for legal collections and recoveries in all Canadian provinces and territories. By identifying some of the challenges in the recovery process available to Creditors across Canada and by proposing various solutions, François’ aim is to update legal thinking in debt recovery in the same way he is modernizing its practice.

If you have an interest that needs to be protected or if you share some of his interests, do not hesitate to contact François for a free discussion.



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Principal at S&A, a general law practice operating across Canada.

President of CTL Legal Professional Corporation, a collection law firm having for mission to redefine the boundaries separating law firms and collection agencies through the use of the most advanced technology.

Researcher and Writer. I am also currently writing a White Paper regarding the changes and challenges currently faced by the Canadian Courts and the legal and collection industry in Canada, all this in light of an increasing demand for the legal collection of receivables.

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